• Youth Infusion® — Energizing heart protection you can feel!

    CoQ10 is the fuel that powers your heart. Every cell in your body uses CoQ10 to produce energy, but your heart needs it the most. And each delicious daily serving of Youth Infusion delivers a powerful dose. Plus, CoQ10 can help balance your blood pressure, and its powerful antioxidant properties help protect you against pre-mature aging. You’ll also get L-argining and L-theanine to further support healthy blood pressure levels while L-lysine helps convert fatty acids into energy—promoting healthy cholesterol levels. And rounding out the heart-protecting arsenal, you’ll also get resveratrol. Resveratrol helps promote healthy circulation, prevents cholesterol oxidation and protects your entire cardiovascular system from the effects of dangerous free radicals.

    Lasting natural energy without stimulants or crashes!

    Every member of the B vitamin family plays a role in energy production…and Youth Infusion delivers an effective dose of all of them! You’ll also get glutamine, a crucial amino acid that not only helps fuel your heart muscle, it boosts your endurance as well. And of course, CoQ10 fuels energy production in each and every cell. Combined, these powerful nutrients can help ensure a full day’s energy to help you power through your day without ever letting you “crash” or keeping you up at night.

    Stay healthy and protected during cold season and throughout the year!

    When it comes to a lifetime of health and wellness, a finely-tuned, powerful immune system is crucial. That’s why Youth Infusion is packed with amino acids like glycine and l-thiamine to strengthen your immune system. Plus, l-arginine to help reduce healing time—speeding up the repair of damaged or injured tissue. And glutamine to energize the various cells in your immune system. Of course you’ll also get a powerful dose of zinc and vitamin C—two of the most important immune-boosting nutrients Nature has to offer.


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